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The Silent Rider® - ATV and UTV Exhaust Silencer Stealth System

Because they can hear you coming... 

The Silent Rider® is one of the most valuable ATV/UTV accessories a hunter can have. Once you install your our ATV silencer, you will have the quietest ride in your hunting area. You will not announce your presence to that mature game, so you can bring home that trophy! 

The Silent Rider® is an auxiliary muffler that when attached to your stock/OEM exhaust system quiets the popping noise of your ATV/UTV’s stock muffler alone.  It is easy to install and remove, giving you the flexibility to stalk your target in stealth, or have fun being loud.  With The Silent Rider®  installed, you can ride closer and walk less. The low rumble that our muffler system changes your exhaust sound to travels a much shorter distance away from your ATV/UTV. Listen to the before and after sound files of The Silent Rider® on the Polaris Sportsman 800 sent in by one of our satisfied customers.  

The Silent Rider®’s patented technology is custom designed to each ATV/UTV make and model.  We are the only custom silencer on the market and 100% made in America.  You can expect up to a 60% reduction on exhaust noise, with no loss in power and performance. We offer the quality and reliability expected by our customers who are hunters, recreational riders, ranchers, game wardens, military personnel and law enforcement.  We have THOUSANDS of satisfied customers worldwide, simply because it works!

  • As seen on Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel and Wild! TV
  • Patented Technology
  • Custom fit for easy installation
  • 14 gauge aluminized steel
  • Matte black finish
  • Heat Shield
  • Designed to fit around most racks, hitches and dump beds
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day return policy