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How quiet is The Silent Rider®?

The Silent Rider® (formerly known as The Benz Silent Rider) quiets most 4-stroke (gasoline only) ATV’s and UTV’s up to 60%. It dampens the popping sound the exhaust makes and changes it to a lower pitch rumble. It will not be as quiet as your car, but you will see a noticeable difference – Just ask our thousands of satisfied customers!


Where do you manufacture The Silent Rider®?

We proudly manufacture 100% of The Silent Rider® in America! We hold the patent to the technology and produce the highest quality custom silencer on the market.


How can I order and pay?

The best way to order The Silent Rider®  is online. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal Payments. To order via email/postal/fax,  call 1- 866-EXHAUST (394-2878) or email us  info@atvsilencer.com to request an order form.


Do you lose power or performance?

The Silent Rider® is designed to add only minimal back pressure. It is as quiet as possible without losing power. In some cases, it is shown to increase bottom end power. If you are riding at high altitude, we can modify your silencer to optimize your performance. Just indicate on your order that you are typically riding at high altitude.


Will it hurt my engine?

No. The Silent Rider® has been tested and used on ATV’s for more than 10 years without any damage to the engine. Many customers state that when using The Silent Rider®, (since the exhaust noise is decreased), you can hear the valves and crankshaft. No worries, you are not hurting the engine!

The Silent Rider® is designed only for 4-stroke gasoline engines and will not fit a 2 stroke engine at this time.


Does it replace my existing exhaust?

No, The Silent Rider® is an auxiliary exhaust that easily attaches to your factory muffler. No major modification is necessary.


Can I install it myself?

Yes. The Silent Rider® mounts onto the factory muffler. Many of our silencers do not need an adapter and can be installed less than 10 minutes. If your ATV/UTV requires a weld-on adapter,or a bolt-on adapter, it will take a few additional minutes to install. Once the adapter is in place, the silencer pressure fits onto the adapter and then easily bolts onto your back rack bars or frame, with the hardware provided. Other ATV’s such as the Honda Rancher and Foreman, John Deere Gator, Yamaha Grizzly 600 and Polaris RZR, (and others), do not use an adapter and simply pressure fits to the stock exhaust!


Is The Silent Rider® permanent?

No. The Silent Rider® can easily be installed or removed. When you want to hear your engine roar, you can simply remove The Silent Rider®. It pressure fits to your factory muffler. Some designs must use an adapter, either welded or bolt-on, and that is the only part that is permanent.


Can I attach it to my aftermarket exhaust?

The Silent Rider® system has been designed to fit precisely to the factory muffler. We cannot guarantee fit or performance when using with an aftermarket exhaust system. For information on how you may adapt The Silent Rider® to your aftermarket exhaust , email us at info@atvsilencer.com or call 1-866-EXHAUST (394-2878).


Do I have to weld?

It depends on your ATV/UTV model. On some ATV/UTV models, there is not enough flange or tailpipe to attach The Silent Rider®. It will be necessary to wire or mig weld an adapter to the end of the factory muffler (this adapter is included). Only the adapter will be permanent. The silencer will pressure fit onto the adapter and can easily be removed if wanted, leaving only the adapter. Some ATV models have bolt-on adapters that replace the stock bolt on tailpipe. Check our product list under your ATV/UTV brand to see if you will need an adapter. Some of our silencers need no adapter at all!


Does it work with drop down baskets or dump beds?

Yes. The Silent Rider® is designed to be a custom fit to each ATV/UTV model. The silencer mounts horizontally and level with the factory muffler on most ATV’s and UTV’s, and extends approximately 4 inches out. The same is true for dump beds. The Silent Rider® does not interfere with your Polaris Ranger or Yamaha Rhino dump bed.


What is your warranty?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee when The Silent Rider® is purchased directly from us, the maufacurer. Any purchases through our dealer network are subject to the guarantees and return policies of that dealer.  Silencers returned with dents, damage or unauthorised alternations will be charged a 20% restocking fee.  If you need  to return your silencer, contact us for a return authorization number.  This number is required for return and refund. Click here for more return information.

We offer a 1-year manufacturing warranty for product defects.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Click here for shipping information and rates. If you do not see your country on our shipping page, please email us at info@atvsilencer.com for a quote.


When do you ship?

We ship same day via UPS from our warehouse in North Carolina if we have it in stock. As this is a custom product, we manufacture as ordered in small lots, but we usually to ship within a few days of ordering. We send an email confirmation and tracking number to you as soon as it ships so that you can anticipate its arrival.


What if I don't see my ATV/UTV model on the website?

Email us at info@atvsilencer.com to ask if you model is in development, or can be fitted.


Why does the altitude I drive my ATV/UTV matter?

If you are using  your AVT/UTV at altitudes of 6000 feet or more above sea level, The Silent Rider® is modified to assure that proper airflow is maintained through your engine.  If this modification is not made, you can experience reduced power and performanace, and even stalling.  Please indicate using the pull down menu in your checkout cart at what altitude you will be using your silencer, so we can assure proper performance of your silencer and your ATV/UTV.