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Continental US

Shipping to the United States

(lower 48 states)

Shipping rates vary by location and shipping mode. Insurance is included in the shipping and handling costs. Delivery dates are calculated using business days (Monday-Friday). See below for shipping information to your US location.

Lower 48 United States are shipped via UPS Ground.

Delivery is 1-5 business days from date of shipment.

The cost of shipping is a flat rate of:

  • $15.95 for one silencer
  • $24.95 for two silencers
  • $40.95 for three silencers
  • $50.95 for four silencers
  • $63.95 for five silencers

To order 6 or more units please contact us for a discounted shipping quote. (866)-EXHAUST (394-2878), or email info@atvsilencer.com