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YAMAHA RHINO 700 (2008-13)
YAMAHA RHINO 700 (2008-13)
YAMAHA RHINO 700 (2008-13)
YAMAHA RHINO 700 (2008-13)
YAMAHA RHINO 700 (2008-13)
YAMAHA RHINO 700 (2008-13)

YAMAHA RHINO 700 (2008-13)

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The Silent Rider is an auxiliary muffler that when attached to your stock/OEM exhaust system quiets the popping noise of your ATV/UTV's stock muffler alone. It is easy to install and remove, giving you the flexibility to stalk your target in stealth, or have fun being loud.

The Silent Rider is designed for 4-stroke gasoline engines only. Not for use with diesel engines. The Silent Rider does not reduce power or performance, but must be modified if used at high altitudes.
Please indicate if you will be riding at high altitudes using the pull down menu at checkout. Feel free to email us at info@atvsilencer.com with questions.

-Patented Technology
-Custom Fit; Easy installation
-14 gauge aluminized steel
-Matte black finish

-Heat Shield
-Designed to fit around most racks, hitches and dump beds
-1-year manufacturer's warranty and 30-day return policy


Yamaha Rhino 700 (08-13)

Hisun Axis 500, 700, 750 (2021-24)


This silencer uses a bolt-on adapter. The tailpipe on the stock muffler is not the proper size and therefore an adapter is necessary. Simply remove the bolts at your exhaust opening (there will be 3 to 5 bolts)  and replace the exhaust tip with The Silent Rider bolt-on adapter. The adapter stays attached to your factory muffler and acts as the tailpipe.
The adapter will not damage the engine or affect the flow of the exhaust. the Silent Rider will pressure fit onto the adapter. Once the sturdy mounting brackets are properly secured, the installation is complete!